MIT DesignX's symposium Design >> Fast-Forward

March 2021


We have been invited in participating in MIT designX's symposium Design >> Fast-Forward on April 26-27. We'll join a panel with Katie Lorah, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Transportation Alternatives, Shin-pei Tsay, Global Head of Cities and Transportation Policy at Uber, and Justin Coetzee PrEng, CEO of GoMetro, to discuss fundamental changes in policy and culture that allow design to advance faster.

We're particularly excited to hear the other #MITdesignX co-founders participating in this symposium, such as Kelly Leilani Main of Buy-In Community Planning, David Morczinek of AirWorks, Tamara Knox and Joshua Morrison of #Frolic, and Mercedes Bidart of Quipu Market.

And obviously we're thrilled that Dean Hashim Sarkis, Prof. Caitlin Mueller, Prof. Dennis Frenchman, Prof. Svafa Gronfeldt, Prof. Anton Garcia-Abril, Gilad Rosenzweig, and many others from MIT and beyond will be there.

Join us on April 26-27: